Networks of Global Mountain Leaders:
Mountain Resilience Coalition will gather four global Visiting Mountain Practitioners each summer for a month to share solutions and build solidarity with each other and with experts from across the Mountain West. Each Visiting Mountain Practitioner will return to her or his home region with a Master in Environmental Management student required to complete a 600-hour Masters Project for the Visiting Mountain Practitioner’s organization and community. Over decades, an ever-expanding network of former Visiting Mountain Practitioners and Western Master’s alumni will create a vital, interconnected, and dynamic resource for mountain-based problem-solving.

Projects to Fulfill United Nations Mountain Partnership Needs:
We hope to fund Project Directors for the Aspen International Mountain Foundation and Telluride Institute to identify and help manage project needs across the region. The Mountain Resilience Coalition will then sponsor Western State Colorado University’s Master in Environmental Management students to partner with member communities in order to fulfill United Nations Mountain Partnership strategic goals.


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